Posts in this blog only reflect the personal view of the author and not that of the institutions that he currently represents professionally, or any other institution or group he might be associated with.

Reviews contained in posts are written in best intend to correctly represent the work described in the corresponding research papers. However, the author acknowledges that he might accidentally misinterpret the contents of a research paper leading to false beliefs expressed in reviews. In such a case the author encourages authors of affected research papers to contact the author of the blog post with explanation of the alleged error, or to leave a correction as comment to the post. However, the author notes that most new research findings are necessarily open to discussion and allow alternative interpretations. Also, the author notes that the validity of a research paper or review may change in the light of new research findings. In plain English: Do not take the contents of this blog as set in stone truths! They are intended to reflect the truth closely, but what is truth in science?

Posts in this blog are necessarily critic. This criticism is targeted towards the contents of research papers not their authors. The author of the post(s) thinks that (almost) all researchers are great people and does not intend to attack anyone personally. If you feel personally attacked by a post, please contact the author who will try to reformulate or delete the corresponding passage.

The selection of research papers presented in blog posts is merely based on the interests of the author and not the quality of the research papers.

Unless indicated otherwise posts in this blog only contain post-publication reviews which originated independently from the review process which let to the publication of the corresponding research papers.

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